One of our Co-Founder’s was sitting with his family at the beach when his young daughter asked if they could get something from the KAZOIK.

Bewildered, he looked at his wife who was as confused. He asked his daughter “What is a Kazoik?”

She turned around and pointed to a small hut selling sweets and drinks and said, “There, from the Kazoik”. (She was pointing at a KIOSK)

So now it’s time for your customers to get a sweet deal from the Kazoik.

Coming from a brand-marketing background we thought, “What would be a cool way for Brands to get products to customers at unbelievable prices?

Then we remembered that auctions are a great way to let someone get a good deal on a sought after product or service at really good prices.

So, we built an awesome website, where customers can bid on cool items, in a very short period of time and only on certain days.

So what is the definition of Kazoik?

It’s a verb:

Kazoik – A 5 minute auction where the highest bid wins:

No reserves. No auto-bids.
No minimums. No fuss.


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